sky ferreira’s new video for “i blame myself” is being called racist which i don’t think that it is

tbh i’m mostly just offended by her poorly-applied bronzer + greasy hair

as a child i would pick up the phone and call the operator and listen to their voice and hang up

i just wanted to call people but had no one to talk to



adrien brody’s character accuses ralph fiennes’s character of being a faggot

and also of having an affair with his mother

to which ralph fiennes’s character replies “i thought you said i was a faggot”

and adrien brody’s character says “you’re bisexual”

all sorts of problems here tbh

just caught my reflection in the mirror and drooled only i couldn’t believe how bad i look rn

i’ve been writing some (bad) poetry for a project + they’re on a secret blog

they’re really personal but if you want to read them, ask!



open 4 business
call me ;-)

open 4 business

call me ;-)

accidentally deleted a fb profile pic that had like 100 likes (actually it was 84 exactly but i can lie about it because u cant fact check)



**don’t pretend like you fucking know me**

i give up tbh

i give up tbh

hi i saw andrew bird and dan deacon and cloud nothings and lauryn hill and i assure you i remember zero of it

lil snake in my hair!
having the loveliest time at spring weekend !